Quilt Square Series: What you lookin at?

Artist Statement

Among various other things, I’m an artist living in Greenback TN. I grew up in the east Georgia mountains and received my BFA at Shorter College.

I’ve long been interested in the intersection of what is commonly thought of as womanly craft and fine art. Hailing from a long line of makers, I’ve had the privilege of an existence surrounded by functional everyday objects designed and handmade by my foremothers. They illustrated that a strong design for form and function is just as important as a design for the aesthetic. For me in my little mountain community, those artistic venues were primarily in fiber arts, woodworking, basket weaving, and food. My work continues to be influenced by tools and objects that would have been in my grandmother’s sewing room, garden, or kitchen.

Often my paintings are inspired by the natural world. Sometimes they are lighthearted and silly. Most recently I am exploring a diverse representation of the female form. I’m committed to claiming beauty and “rightness” in the authentic female form, in direct opposition to rigorous beauty standard culture. I hope to eventually amass a wide range of authentic female images as “fine art,” that thus categorize the natural state of the female body, in all its seasons of life, in all its various gorgeous forms, as normal and beautiful and acceptable. The effect of creating such work and surrounding myself in it has been unspeakably liberating for me, personally.

I also just really like ducks. Because they are slightly abrasively annoying and also a pure joy.

Blue Chair